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The Abbey of Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel is an impressive granite mount rising in the middle of the Bay with the same name. Crowning the mount is the Abbey dedicated to the Archangel the history of which spans almost a thousand years. It is regarded as the second most visited place in France after Paris while the tides measured in the Bay of Mont Saint Michel are the highest in Europe and amongst the highest in the world (in 2015 the flood tide reached an amplitude of 40 ft!).

Omaha Beach

These are the traumatised sands of the D-Day landing beach that was to be remembered as "the best imitation of hell the American troops had to go through" during the Second World War. The German bunkers remind the visitor how the former turned the beach into a killing zone whereas the 300-yards of open sand unveiled by the sea at low tide indicate how difficult a task the assaut must have been for the first men to come ashore that morning.

Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial

Final resting place for more than nine thousand men and women, Colleville Cemetery is one of fourteen WWII cemeteries created by the US government after the end of the conflict. Iconic landmark, Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial was depicted in the critically acclaimed movie "Saving Private Ryan" and welcomes each year more than a million visitors of different nationalities.