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CHEESE & CIDER TOUR...with a pinch of history

Discover a French dairy

Although there are many cheeses the Normans make today (or used to make), four of them really stand out from the bunch: Camembert, Pont l'Eveque, Neufchatel and Livarot. There is no better place to learn about the "savoir-faire" (fr. know-how) of the artisans or how the Normandy cheese is being made than Graindorge dairy which will open its gates and reveal all of its secrets to you. An opportunity to taste the cheese and see for yourself which one is the best!

See the place where Rommel barely escaped death in July 1944 

Field-marshal Erwin Rommel, probably the most legendary German General of the Second World War, was nearly killed on July 17th, 1944 when his car came off the road and crashed after being strafed by an RAF pilot. Rommel suffered major head injuries and fell into a coma. The incident was to generate quite a lot of controversy about the identity of the pilot who should have received credit for effectively ending of the military career of the 'Desert Fox'.
Cider farm, Nornandy

Visit an authentic cider farm

The cider is probably the most famous Normandy produce. There are literally hundreds of places where one can learn about the craftsmanship of cider making but nothing compares to an authentic farm located in Pays d'Auge, right at the heart of Normandy countryside. This region already has several AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) and quality certifications for its cider or cider-related products. Is there a better place to have sip of cider, Pommeau or Calvados? Probably not.

Tiger Tank, Vimoutiers, Normandy

Admire a rare beast: Vimoutiers Tiger tank 

(UPDATE: the tank is undergoing a full restoration process an may not be visible to the public momentarily) 

Considered one of the most formidable WWII tanks, the Tiger I was a huge German asset as the war raged on the eastern front but also during the Normandy Campaign. Given the small number of Tiger I tanks made during the war, just a handful have survived the conflict; there are less than ten left in the world and the Vimoutiers Tiger is one of just two that can be seen in France.

Beuvron en Auge, Normandy

Walk around the enchanting Beuvron en Auge

Former stronghold of the Harcourt family, Beuvron en Auge is regarded as one of the most beautiful French villages (fr. Les plus beaux villages de France). Tucked in the Dives marshes, the village has an amazing heritage: the Old Manor (17th century) and a rich collection of half-timbered houses (17th and 18th century); a must-see for all antique lovers.