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All tours are private. A standard tour formula usually covers distances ranging from 20 to approximately 100 miles (e.g. Mont Saint Michel tour). Of course, all personalised tours or those starting in various ports (e.g. Le Havre, Honfleur, Cherbourg, St. Malo) may involve longer distances.

Tour fares

You are booking a vehicle (9-seater Opel Vivaro van) for up to 9 hours/day and the rate depends on duration but also on the number of participants. If you want to calculate the amount due individually you just have to divide the overall cost by the actual number of participants. 


A PayPal deposit is required to book a tour whereas the balance is due upon tour completion (EUR cash only). Please note that PayPal charges a 6% commission at every transaction and this will be added to the deposit. 


For all cancellation requests made 60+ days before the tour, there is no charge and the customer will receive a full refund (less the 6% fee charged by PayPal). The deposit becomes non-refundable in case of cancellation made 60 days or less prior to the tour. 
IMPORTANT! There is just one exception to the aforementioned cancellation policy: the deposit is fully refundable if official COVID restrictions imposed by the government of France and/or the country of origin prevent the customer from traveling to Normandy. 


Upon request an invoice can be provided on the day of the tour.


All tours are conducted by 9-seater Opel Vivaro van. The vehicle meets all requirements stipulated by the French law: no more than 6 years of age, particular technical and comfort standards (horse power, air-conditioning etc.).          

Departure time

By agreeing my terms and conditions you acknowledge that I will not be waiting more than 30 minutes for people who are not present when the tour is scheduled to depart (with the exception, of course, of trains or ships that might be late). Furthermore, the duration of tour will not change because of such incidents.


By booking a tour you acknowledge the necessity of being insured for any traffic accident while traveling in my van. Your policy should cover at least the costs of emergency medical treatment, compensation for travel delay or cancellation fees. If you do not have a travel insurance and you seek for advice please visit Wearing a seat belt is compulsory at all times while in the van. 

Food & drinks

Smoking, eating and drinking on board are strictly forbidden. Bottled water will be provided to the customer at no extra cost and represents an exception. All tours spanning 5+ hours normally include a short lunch break. Lunch however is not included in the tour price.

On site access

Most of the sites are adapted and/or easily accessible to visitors of all ages. However, I would not be hold responsible for any type of injuries during my tours, including getting into or out of my vehicle. It is up to you to wear footwear and clothing suitable for the tour and to have the appropriate travel insurance. No client will ever be left in the van unattended. Any disability or special requirements must be notified in writing by the time of booking.

Tour disruption

I reserve the right to refuse the booking of any person who is likely to cause distress, danger, annoyance or damage or in any way disrupt the tour. If your tour is terminated as a result of any of the conduct described here, I will not be responsible for any loss, cost, expense or damage sustained by you or any member of your party as a result of my decision.

Personal property

Please keep in mind that I cannot be held responsible for the theft of your items or belongings from the van. I myself fell pray to the thieves a while ago so I strongly advise you to travel light and keep your valuables in the hotel's safe

Confidentiality notice

All e-mails contain confidential information or information belonging to Normandy Spearhead Tours and this is intended solely for the addressees. The unauthorized disclosure, use, dissemination or copying (either whole or partial) of an e-mail, or any information it contains, is prohibited. 

Last updated 12/12/2019