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80th D-Day Anniversary | June 6, 2024

The 80th Anniversary of the D-Day landings is just a few months away and Normandy is getting ready to don, once more, its ceremonial gown. Peace, liberty and reconciliation remain the leitmotifs of a very special year meant to bring together visitors from all over the world!

D-Day was a monumental achievement in military history which paved the way for the eventual Allied victory in Europe. The operation remains a symbol of international cooperation and courage. On June 6th alone, 156,000 Allied troops were to land in Nazi-occupied France.

In 2024, visitors and locals alike will pay tribute to the memory of these events and the courageous individuals who took part in Operation Overlord. There is widespread effort throughout the region to turn this significant milestone into an unforgettable experience. An opportunity to revisit the history of the campaign, discover principal memorial sites, cemeteries and museums that stand as enduring legacy to this remarkable undertaking.



We offer GUIDED TOURS of the US, Canadian or British D-Day landing beaches conceived as half-day or full-day formulas. All tours are conducted by a professional English-speaking guide.


Omaha Beach, venue for the international ceremony

The official international ceremony will take place on Thursday, June 6th 2024 at Saint Laurent s/ Mer. This small Normandy town is located right in the heart of the 4,5-mile stretch of traumatised sands that will always be known as ‘Omaha Beach'. It will be the high point of a series of events that will begin on Saturday, June 1st 2024 with an original 30-minute show involving 2,500 drones operating simultaneously along the five landing beaches.

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Omaha Beach - Saint Laurent

British veterans will embark for the 80th journey back to Normandy

The Royal British Legion will support all Normandy veterans who wish to mark the operation 80 years on in a way suitable to their needs. The veterans will be at the heart of official events in the UK and France to mark this special anniversary of the Normandy Campaign. Members of the Armed Forces will lead veterans and guests in commemorations to pay respects to those who died in 1944, as well as veterans of the campaign who are no longer with us.

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